Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Morning Clothing Rules

In 1960 Yorkville, it was considered good luck to wear all new clothing you received for Christmas over your pajamas (usually from one out of touch no nonsense grandmother who forgot or didn't care kids only wanted toys.) Here you see my new boring polo shirt. I later added two crappy sweaters and one pair of ill fitting dungarees to my outfit.

Support your local bookstore! Logos Book Store sold my book out and just got a new supply of "I Hate the Dallas Cowboys -tales of a scrappy New York boyhood." If you're in Yorkville and need a gift for the big kid in your life - go to Logos Bookstore, New York, New York - my book's the ticket. If you're not in Yorkville, then order it online at Amazon , B&N, and other online booksellers.

If you like Jean Shepherd's 'A Christmas Story" you'll love my book, promise. Amazon's been shipping it out 3-5 days. B&N about the same.

is the perfect stocking stuffer for the big kid in your life.

Praise for the book ~ ( if you read it, please say a few honest words online in booksellers reviews section)

“Thomas R. Pryor has written a sweet, funny, loving memoir of growing up old-school in a colorful New York neighborhood. A story of sports, family, and boyhood, you’ll be able to all but taste, smell, and feel this vanished world.”
—Kevin Baker, author of the novels Dreamland, Paradise Alley, and Strivers Row

“Tommy Pryor’s New York boyhood…was the mid-century coming of age of all of us. A rousing read.”
—Robert Lipsyte, author and former city and sports columnist, The New York Times

“Pryor could take a felt hat and make it funny.”
—Barbara Turner-Vesselago, author of Writing Without A Parachute: The Art of Freefall

“Pryor burrows into the terrain of his childhood with a longing and obsessiveness so powerful it feels like you are reading a memoir about his first great love.”
—Thomas Beller, author of J.D. Salinger: The Escape Artist

“I wasn’t alive for the New York Thomas Pryor writes about, but thanks to his brilliant, honest, and hilarious book, I feel like I was there.”
—Dave Hill, comedian and author of Tasteful Nudes

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