Monday, November 3, 2014

"I'm Starting To Show!"

I'm having a baby here! "I Hate the Dallas Cowboys - tales of a scrappy New York boyhood" has 23 five star reviews on Amazon. Thank you, for your generous feedback.

For my friends and acquaintances who own the book by mail or through my hands, please leave a few honest words about it at Amazon under reviews. It's important to me. And if you've done so already, thank you.
Here are (3) links to read, hear or watch video about the book:

The Goddamn Dave Hill radio show from 10.28.14. I come in at 1:21 but I recommend you listen from the start if you have the time - Dave's nuts and hilarious. (Thank you, Jaime Nelson, for making this happen)

Our Town newspaper piece and a video of my Barnes & Noble event.

Fun stuff coming up:

Friday, Nov. 7th @ 630pm, Reading & Art Show @ Logos Bookstore at 1575 York Avenue.

Monday, November 10th @ 7pm The Adam Wade Show

Tuesday, Nov 11th "City Stories Stoops to Nuts" @ Cornelia Street Cafe

New book reviews:

The Jean Shepherd of Yorkville has a book - you should get! - Adam Wade
I've been a HUGE fan of Thomas Pryor's stories for a long time. It's so great to read so many of them in this fantastic book. Pryor pours his heart and soul into each and everyone of them. Some gut wrenching, others laugh out loud funny. And you don't have to be a NY Giants fan or a Cowboys hater to enjoy this book (though that will help). You just have to have a heart and love fun, authentic stories. Buy this book, I promise you'll enjoy it!

Dave Hill "The Goddamn Dave Hill Show" ~ WFMU radio
I wasn't alive for the New York Thomas Pryor writes about, but thanks to his brilliant, honest, and hilarious book, I feel like I was there."

Great writers are supposed to transport you to their world - Nicole Ferraro
Thomas Pryor is one of those unique writers who can grab your heart and make you laugh and cry in a single sentence. The portrait he paints of growing up in New York City -- in Yorkville, specifically -- in the 60s is so vivid that you'll feel yourself there with him in every single scene, and every single memory. Great writers are supposed to transport you to their world, and Thomas Pryor does this exceptionally well. You'll walk away from this book feeling like you know intimately every butcher and bartender in town, every Sister at St. Stephens, and certainly every member of Thomas's family. Even more than that, though, this is a book about being a kid, growing up, loving people and losing them, losing people and loving them even more, and finding one's way. Basically, it's a book for anyone who's ever experienced the sheer pleasure and pain of being alive and growing up. Buy it today. It will leave you feeling enriched, touched, entertained, and eager to turn to page one all over again.

Wonderful Storytelling with a Time Machine Effect! - Leslie Gosko
Heart-warming, hilarious, and wonderfully quirky, "I Hate the Dallas Cowboys" has something for everyone. Thomas Pryor does a fantastic job of transporting you to 1960's New York where you feel like one of the characters in his Yorkville neighborhood. Stylistically reminiscent of Jean Shepherd's "A Christmas Story," this book, too, becomes an instant classic!

David Terhune - The Losers Lounge
After reading "I Hate The Dallas Cowboys", I felt as if I had grown up with author Thomas Pryor. His stories of a childhood in New York City, punctuated by family photographs, drew me into his world and took me on a personal tour of the streets and neighborhoods of his youth. Living there were a host of vivid and eccentric characters - his parents, brother Rory, grandmother Nan, Joe from the candy store, Sister Mercedes, stewardesses Marie and Justine, and his many friends and co-conspirators with whom he shared his adventures and dreams. Mr. Pryor’s humor is gentle and infectious, his memories animated and engrossing. These essays are both historically valuable as well as entertaining in a way that befits the unique voice of New York City.

Jerry Salama - gave me my first copy of Strunk & White four hundred years ago
The writing is beautiful. It is crisp, sharp and moving. I laughed out loud and cried. This author has really found his voice as a wonderful storyteller. It is incredibly hard to pour out stories and emotions in a thoughtful and consistent way but this book achieves it. I highly recommend it.

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