Monday, November 10, 2014

Coming Home, Visiting Professor Wade & Cornelia Street Soiree

With Adam at radio show 2010
It's tonight!

Telling a good one at Professor Wade's classroom. Come down to the Easy Village for a great show and super duper bang for buck ($5 smackers)

"The Adam Wade from New Hampshire Show" *
Monday, November 10 @ 7pm
Under St Marks Theatre
94 St Marks

*New York Times Pick*
*Time Out New York Critic's Pick*

Cornelia St Cafe
Tomorrow, "City Stories: Stoops to Nuts" storytelling show, Tuesday, November 11th @ 6pm Cornelia Street Cafe. It's couples night with our smashing artists: Michael Lydon, Ellen Mandel, Natasha Gural-Maiello & Michael Gural-Maiello. $ 8 bucks gets you a front row seat and a free drink. I'm telling a 1961 goody from my new book, "I Hate the Dallas Cowboys: tales of a scrappy New York boyhood." The book has 29 five star reviews out of 29 on Amazon. Please keep your honest words coming after you read my memoir.

with Rachelle Bijou & Harris Healy 
This past Friday at "Tommy's Coming Home!" to Logos Book Store Local Artists Event, I looked out Logos Book Store's window at 1575 York Avenue. Across the way I saw the Pryors' front room windows. My family moved to 1582 York Avenue in 1932. For 56 years, They lived there, laughed there, fought there, made up, and died there. Reading from my book "I Hate the Dallas Cowboys" at a wonderful Art & Literature event in a bookshop across the street from my family's home raised the spirits of many of my York Avenue ghosts: Joes' Candy Store, Mayo's Butchers, Old Timer's Tavern, Parker's Grocery, Spotless Cleaners, Lee's Laundry, Mickey Mouse Barbershop, Turf Cheesecake & Reliable Meats.

Thank you, Harris Healy, for allowing me to present my work along with Paul Morin and Rachelle Bijou on my Yorkville block.


Here's one of the 29 five star Amazon reviews for "I Hate the Dallas Cowboys."

5.0 out of 5 stars Fasten Your Seat BeltsNovember 4, 2014
JC (Brooklyn, NY) - See all my reviews
This review is from: I Hate the Dallas Cowboys: Tales of a Scrappy New York Boyhood (Paperback)
Hop into the jump seat of a Checker cab and get ready to rock and roll. This is simply a wonderful and entertaining telling of a city boy's early years, bouncing us along for the ride as we view the world from a Yorkville, Manhattan tenement and its surrounding stoops and nuts.

These stories are imbued with the influences of music and games and junk food and barkeeps and store-owners that define our lives. Where I grew up, two degrees of separation and a few subway stops to the north, a song of the neighborhood at the time described a bright red rose that was, against the odds, ".. growing in the street, right up through the concrete, but soft and sweet and dreamin'." In the vivid memories of "I Hate the Dallas Cowboys" we learn how Tommy similarly roots and grows. And we are the richer because along the way he found his voice and has shared this journey with us.

It is an effortless read, written from the perspective of a child with a strong eye for detail and time and place . My one quibble is with the title, because this is not a story about hate but about love: love of family, love of life, the unconditional love of each new day and adventure as an effervescent merry prankster of a boy careens his way through adolescence.

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