Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stoops to Nuts ~ Lost & Found

Alfonso Colasuonno
Thank you, Alfonso Colasuonno, Robin Eisgrau, John Lewis and Marie Sabatino for bringing your gold standard to "City Stories: Stoops to Nuts" storytelling show last night at Cornelia Street Cafe. Terrific tales about how impaired judgement during a blue moon can lead to a spike in your social standing score - finding your acid test Kool-Aid drummer before its too late -caution out the window when spending an evening at Armageddon with your so far no sex best friend ever and  where are you, Brian Williams?

Thank you, to an appreciative audience that came out on a warm spring evening. Thank you, Lily And Mike for keeping the customers and artists satisfied with your splendid professional service. Thank you, Angelo, Robin and Josh letting us play in your house.

Robin Eisgrau

Tonight @ 7pm, I'm bringing a story to Daniel Guzman's Lost & Found Show Book's Edition at The Gallery at LPR at 158 Bleecker Street. If you can get to the East Village stop by its a free show with a sharp gang of tellers.

Tim O’Mara (Sacrifice Fly, Crooked Numbers)
Christina Fitzpatrick (What’s the Girl Worth?, Where We Lived)
Thomas Pryor (New York Times)
Michael Maiello (Esquire, McSweeney’s)
Gabriel Levinson (ANTIBOOKCLUB)
Daniel Guzman, your host.

Marie Sabatino

John Lewis

Here are a few photos from my walk to Cornelia Street

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