Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Losers Lounge ~ Safe and Sound

David Driver
Here are photographs from The The Losers Lounge Carly Simon ~ Linda Ronstadt April 4th late show at Joe's Pub. As always, a musical delight. The Losers Lounge is a NYC destination treasure. To keep the mood going I added other NYC golden spots to this album. Go to this Facebook link to see more photos from the Losers show and other NYC photographs.

Come hear Dr. Kurt Gertsmann tell a good one in Dean Dacian's short film, part of this coming Tuesday's show, "City Stories: Stoops to Nuts ~ a tribute to Kurt Gertsmann" April 8th at Cornelia Street Cafe with guests artists, Robin Gelfenbien, David Gandhi Noven, Robin Hirsch and other friends of Kurt. 

I love Carly Simon's Safe & Sound.

Seth Berkowitz and Cici James
Linda Ronstadt

The Losers Lounge

Carly Simon

Katia Floreska

Joe McGinty

David Milone & Mimi Oz

Julia Joseph

David Terhune

Alyson Greenfield

Nick Danger & Anna Callegari

Shannon Conley

Jack Skuller & Sean Altman

Mike Fornatale

Jed Parish

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