Thursday, April 17, 2014

Shy Spring Arrives in New York

Here are photos of New York City's shy spring taken in Central Park, the West Village and around Manhattan this past week.

The past two days blossoms have begun to appear on the trees. Peeks here soon.  

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Bethesda Angel Limbo

"Save The Last Frank for Me"

Bethesda Terrace

Central Park near Bethesda Fountain

Sheridan Sqaure

Gay Street

Waverly Place

Gay Street

"Bye, Bye, Papaya" @ 8 St & 6th Ave.

U.N. Building

First Ave 52 to 53 Sts. 120 year old buildings readying for Demolition

Loose shoes @ 19 St. & Second Avenue

Bikes @ Gay St.

Gay St.

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CityGirlWrites said...

Beautiful photos, Tommy. I love stepping into your New York through your stories and pictures. By the way, you calling this weather "Shy Spring" has made me like it a lot more.