Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Seeing An Old Friend

Things are leaving that give our life meaning. Everyday. So look around at the people and places that occupy a room in your heart and recognize their value.

Last night at Cornelia Street Cafe we had a wonderful show. Doctor Kurt Gerstmann, a life force and one of our scheduled guests for April, died suddenly earlier this year, but thanks to Dean Dacian's warm and beautiful film tribute Kurt was there along with a room full of his family of friends rooting him on.  I thank our storytelling guests, Robin Gelfenbien, David Noven, Barbara Aliprantis and Robin Hirsch for doing what Kurt enjoyed best, telling a good one. Thank you, to an appreciative audience that overflowed the Cafe with their love.

Kurt Gerstmann

Thank you, Paul And Mike for keeping the customers and artists satisfied with your splendid professional service. Thank you, Angelo, Robin, Josh and Tom for letting us play in your house.

Thank you, Sandra Lerner, for letting us borrow Kurt's memories for the evening, and thank you, Dean, for a brilliant and loving film in Kurt's honor. Great job, my friend.

Here are photos from the show last night, and from my walk downtown to the West Village past many places that give my life meaning. Some of them will not be here for long.

Barbara Aliprantis

Robin Hirsch

Robin Gelfenbien

David Noven

Dean Dacian & Tom Pryor

Shoes on corner of Second & 19th

east side of First Ave bet 52 & 53 Streets

Looking west on Bleecker

Northern Dispensary

Dean Dacian in Central Park

Gay Street off Waverly Place

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