Thursday, March 20, 2014

My School Lunch Exit

Cousin Curly
Dateline: St. Stephen's lunch room, 408 East 82nd Street, March 1962 

The sandwich, a plug of ham, greenish-brown, was thick enough to sit in front of Snoopy’s doghouse as a doormat. Stiff wheat bread with a glob of margarine on it - a reliable vomit starter. I had it. I rolled the ball of crap up, stuck it in my pocket, got up, ran passed my second grade nun holding my stomach moaning, “my belly hurts!” Raced out of the school straight to my house on 83rd Street. Mom was in the kitchen having coffee with Aunt Lily and her new baby, my cousin, Curly. I pulled the car accident out of my pocket and held it under Curly’s nose, quickly grabbed Dad’s camera and took this picture. I was immediately released from St. Stephen of Hungary’s lunch program.

Aunt Lily & Aunt Vera

Tommy & Uncle Mommy

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