Thursday, January 23, 2014

You Can Tear a Building Down, but You Can't Erase a Memory

You can tear a building down, but you can't erase a memory. 
Living Colour

Been meaning to put these up for several friends who lived in these buildings on York Avenue and 83rd Street. It made me so sad to see these homes go down in one swoop and vanish 9 years ago in 2005.

A fond memory.

It's 1964, I see Mrs. Hauser with a kerchief wrapped around her head that's full of small curlers. She's leaning out her front window with her arms crossed on a pillow. I caught her as I passed the Bellinger house on the other side of the street and looked up when she called my name. We start a conversation, on my side I slide in a hello to Leo leaning on his stoop watching the girls go by with a sly smile on his face. I shout up a goodbye to Mrs. Hauser after passing Slayton's Cleaners and run across the avenue as the yellow light is about to go red.

My love goes out to the families I remember so well, the Hausers, Carmens, DiVitas and Mulherns.

83rd & York southwest corner

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