Saturday, January 4, 2014

Peter Wolf "Don't Want to Know"

Peter Wolf
I saw Peter Wolf one of my musical heroes Thursday night at the City Winery. He leaves his blood on the stage. Before he was a musician, Peter was a younger brother in the Bronx who dug his sister's 45 singles and the way she and her girlfriends danced. Later while studying art in the Boston area, he was a DJ and his first love, the music, the people who made it, haunt his live show. Peter is cut from the same cloth as the legends he reveres. He channels them and their spirits wrap themselves around him. Peter always sends me home with a shit ass grin. If you love R&B, if you love the Blues, if you love J Geils, Rock & Roll, see Wolf, he's the real thing. My life is better with Peter in it.

Here's Peter doing "I Don't Want to Know."

Peter Wolf

Peter Wolf

Jefferson Market looking east down 10th Street

11th Street off Bleecker

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