Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snowy Central Park ~ Love Me Two Times

"Someone to Watch Over Me" - Alice in Wonderland
This week New York City was awarded two snow episodes; one in the light, and the other gloriously in the dark. I motored over to Central Park to see what was cooking and boy did she deliver. I never, ever leave that space thinking, "well that's enough for me, I don't need to get back here for a long time." No matter how sore my feet are, no matter how numb and cold my ears and hands are, I'm already giggly in my thought, "See ya, I'll be back soon."

Here's the park.  The few pictures here and this link to a Facebook photo album doesn't crack the surface of this lush jewel. 

God bless, Frederick Law Olmsted, Calvert Vaux and their Greensward Plan.

The old park shots were taken by my Dad, Robert Pryor, with his Yaschica 44 camera back in the early 1960s.

ps last night with the wet, frigid wind smacking me in the face, my fingers were hopelessly cold and my wet gloves were useless, I literally stuck my hands inside the back of my dungarees to get warmth and shocked my ass apples.

pss  oh, forgot to tell you, I also tripped over the stairs hidden by the rising snow at the Alice statue. My camera left my hand, went up in the air and I caught it coming down like a great slipped soap catch in the shower, you know the kind of catch you feel bad no one was there to see you do it. Catches like that deserve an audience.

My framed photographs are on display at the Yorkville Creperie through the end of the year. Please drop by and see them when you can.

hosted by Yorkville Creperie @ 1586 York Avenue 

"There's a Kind of Hush" - Bethesda Fountain

"Baby's its Cold Outside" looking down on the Mall

Sheep Meadow

Sheep Meadow walk


Mom playing ball? Not really


Dad's 26 inch Raleigh English tour bicycle - (I couldn't wait to grow high enough to ride it)

Umbrella at Bethesda

Laying Everybody Low


Bird Meeting at the Fountain

South end of Central Park Lake

My favorite tree looking down on Sailboat Lake

Get a Room!



Barbara Anzellotti said...

Hello, I really enjoyed looking at your photo's. Thanks so much for sharing them.
I was just in NYC on Wednesday and it was absolutely freezing, but so much fun.
I've never had a chance to really explore Central Park and I've always wanted to, especially the zoo, because I'm an animal person through and through.
I live in CT and we're so close, but so far at the same time.
I was pleased to see that the streets are much cleaner than I remember them from past visits.
Well, thank you again. I enjoyed them very much.

Thomas Pryor said...

my pleasure, Barbara.