Monday, April 29, 2013

"Have a NYC 2" - Book Release Party - "Ringalario, One, Two, Three"

Carl Schurz Park in Yorkville
My story, "Over Her Dead Body,"  is part of "Have a NYC 2," a terrific new anthology from Three Rooms Press.

This coming Friday, May 3rd at 6pm. Three Rooms Press, is throwing a book launch party at Cornelia Street Cafe. $8 admission with a free drink.

Please come down and help us celebrate the book's release and hear NYC 2's contributing writers read their New York City tales.


Pictured above, Carl Schurz Park's river side entrance to the playground at 84th Street. The door on the left was where the Parkies parked in the 1960s. All I remember is the Parkies chasing us for whatever. They were to be avoided.

In the mid to late 1960s, we used the whole park for boundaries in Ringalario from 84th Street to 89th Street and the East River to East End Avenue. Being seen by an opponent outside the boundaries meant automatic capture. Games lasted hours. Dinners were missed. Calling it Ringalario drove my Dad nuts, since his crew in the 1940s called it Ringalevio.

Ringalario might be the greatest game ever created.  It was a full contact sport, guys would dive into base over missed tackles to free their team mates. You had the wildness of football and we played with girls. We captured girls and they captured us. Full body wrap-arounds and not letting go until you said, "Ringalario, One, Two, Three" three times.

Tell me something better than that at 13 years old? OK, maybe not as good as taking girls up on the big swings (And girls taking boys up, too).  A complex story with first permissions all over the place that gave close dancing a run for it's money. I'll save the swings tale for another day.

Below are photos of Carl Schurz Park at seven in the morning.

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Rosanna said...

Parkies. I often wonder if kids at other city parks used that term. We used to run like mad so as not to get caught by them when we plastered the restroom ceilings with wads of wet balls of toilet paper!