Sunday, February 3, 2013

New York Scenes from a Bicycle - Two Days Away

Tommy, Pop Ryan and Rory in Yorkville on Christmas Day 1960
Pop Ryan , Rory and I met on 83rd Street in Yorkville and agreed: we don't like the Ravens or the 49ers so tonight we're working on our mock New York Giant college draft and arguing over our favorite photo in the "New York Scenes from a Bicycle," photo exhibition opening at Cornelia Street Cafe in two days, Tuesday, February 5th @ 5:30pm.

Peter Calvert 
Here are photos from the frame hanging party at the Cafe this past Friday morning and three photos from the show: "Coney Island Baby," "Vinny Dreaming" and "Harry Potter Meets the King of Central Park."  Thank you, Melissa Perez-Halley, Laura Thompson and Peter Calvert for getting up early to make it happen. Everything looks great. Thank you, Robin Hirsch, Angelo Verga, Josh Rebell and Melissa Perez-Halley for inviting me to do the show. Thank you, Otto Barz, and YBK Publishers for releasing my first book of photography, "River to River: New York Scenes from a Bicycle."

Hope to see you at the Cafe on Tuesday, if not, it's a two month show (ends March 31st). Drop by the candy striped awning front at 29 Cornelia Street in the West Village, enjoy the fine food and drink while you view the scenes I record when I tour this beautiful city on my bicycle.

Coney Island Baby
"River to River: New Scenes from a Bicycle" (YBK Publishers) will be sold at the Cafe for $12 during the show's run or buy it at Amazon books online.

Threshold at Cafe into the exhibit

Laura Thompson multi-tasking

Outside looking into exhibit

Vinny Dreaming

Peter Calvert and Melissa Perez-Halley

Harry Potter meets the King of Central Park

north column

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