Thursday, February 7, 2013

"New York Scenes from a Bicycle" - Photos from the Reception

Thomas R. Pryor at exhibit - photo by Anthony Piscitiello
"New York Scenes from a Bicycle," opened with love and lots of friends, old and new at Cornelia Street Cafe Tuesday night.  Last week on the First Avenue Select bus, I met a woman with short hair listening to her iPod, I told her a St. Stephen's grammar school story between the U.N. stop and 79th Street, and asked her to stop by Tuesday. She did, brought a friend and purchased  "Yorkville Sunset."

The day before the show headed uptown on the 7th IRT subway, I scooted over to give a woman with a killer smile room to sit. When she did I asked her would she mind reading my artist statement. She took her time, laughed twice, and came to the opening at Cornelia Street with a friend. Her friend bought, "Bay Ridge Sunset Over the Bay."
Tricia Alexandro

Four strangers becoming new friends in one week, pretty cool.

This morning viewing my buddy, Phillip Gambri's terrific photos from Cornelia, I counted 102 people in the space. Thank you, everybody for your support. I was touched. And folks bought stuff. I sold nine frames, 34 books and three prints.

Robin Hirsch, Angelo Verga, Melissa Perez-Halley, Josh Rebell, Steve Northeast, Nick, Mike and the entire staff at Cornelia Street Cafe, thank you, for a sweet night I'll never forget and this wonderful opportunity.

Thank you, Laura Thompson, Amanda Thorpe, Jon Calvert, Peter Calvert, Michele Pryor, Stef Uddo, Anne Pechstein, Casey Pechstein and Jane Moss for encouraging my work, helping me put the show together and never letting me down.

Thank you, Gordon Balkcom, for being my friend, promoting my work, and always seeking new opportunities for me.

Thank you, Phillip Giambri and Anthony Piscitiello for all the photos here.

All the work in the exhibit is for sale.  Purchase directly through me at or call me at 917-648-2414.  Also, the Café Host will accept your check or cash to reserve the framed photo when the exhibit ends March 31st. You can purchase prints of any photo in the exhibit through my photo gallery at or through “Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts,” home page.  Print sizes and prices are listed.  If you are interested in other photos of mine you see in my book, at my blog, or on Facebook, I will fill your order.

“River to River: New York Scenes from a Bicycle,” my first book is available for sale here at the Café for $12. Please ask the Café’s Host for assistance and browse through a copy at the Host Stand if you like. You can also order the book through Amazon books online, or YBK Publishers.

I’m in the middle of my second childhood, photographing and writing stories about our changing beautiful City, merging the old with the new.  My stories and photographs have been published The New York Times, A Prairie Home Companion and other periodicals.  I’ve told my tales on NBC TV, public radio’s “This American Life” and Channel 13’s “Baseball: A New York Love Story.” If you enjoy storytelling and narrative songsmiths, please join us at our monthly “City Stories: Stoops to Nuts” show every second Tuesday @ 6pm downstairs at the Café.  The New York Daily News, Time Out Magazine and CBS News highly recommend, “Stoops to Nuts.”
Melissa Perez-Halley
Leslie Goshko

Thank you, Cornelia Street Café for inviting me to host this exhibit and for treating me like family. Thank you, Otto Barz and YBK Publishers for releasing my first book of photography.

love, Tommy

Jon Calvert and Barbara Aliprantis
Joani Ryan and  Michele Pryor

Barry Stabile, Manal Morcos, and Raski Patel

Debbie Baker

Lena, Laurie, Karen, Doreen, Stef

Susan Neuffer

Leslie, Peter & Jon Calvert, Manal

Amanda Tommy
Thank you, Phillip Giambri (these are his photos but two) & Woody Salvan

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