Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Yorkville Interview on NBC TV Last Night

Thomas Pryor & Erika Tarantal @ 30 Rock NBC studio 

Erica, guest hosting for Chuck Scarborough, was wonderful and thoroughly prepared. Before the show she read "Spotless Cleaners" and two of my NYTimes stories at my blog. She told me she loved them, that felt good. I needed her support. I showed up to the show sick. Felt woozy in the chair. I don't recommend doing your first live TV interview with a weak immune system.

The studio was straight out Kubrick's "Space Odyssey," Four huge cameras with no operators, all controlled from a far off booth.

In the studio, one charming and efficient director, Erika and me. That's it.

"Just look at Erika," the director said after putting me in a seat, but the cameras fascinated me. They each had a mind of their own.

I'm not your most attentive student. Ask the nuns at St. Stephen of Hungary and brothers at LaSalle Academy.

Kept expecting to hear from HAL. After the interview on the way out of the studio I thought I heard a low voice slowly reciting, "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

Gordon Balkcom & Thomas Pryor @ 30 Rock NBC studio
Thank you, Gordon Balkcom, for making this interview happen, promoting our storytelling work at Cornelia Street and my book, "River to River: New York Scenes from a Bicycle" (YBK Publishers). You're the best, Gordon.


Our next "City Stories: Stoops to Nuts" show is tonight, Tuesday, Jan 8th @ 6pm. Our artists are Phillip Giambri, Cici James, Coree Spencer and Nick Zaharakos. Admission is $8 and includes a free drink. We'll entertain you with yarns and tunes. A fine time guaranteed.


Coming up, Cornelia Street Cafe will host a two month exhibition of my photography, "New York Scenes from a Bicycle." The opening reception is Tuesday, February 5th @ 5:30p to 7pm, all my friends are welcome.

The photos will be on display in the restaurant until the end of March.