Friday, July 27, 2012

Monsoon Summer Night in NYC

My intention last night: walk from Yorkville to Canal and Hudson St. Paying the piper for my large Hellman's mayo consumption. The sky looked funny around 75th St. and 2nd Ave. Near Park Ave. in the low 50s it was evident this trip would go underground sometime soon.  At Times Square, Cecil B. Demille took over direction of the sky and the weather.

As I crossed Broadway it got biblical on me. Crayola colors circled the air. It was time to seek shelter and I dropped into the 7th Ave line.  Took the local to Houston Street figuring the crazy stuff was over.  Up the subway stairs I saw the show still ongoing. Went back down, paid another fare and travelled one stop to Canal St. Above things had lightened up. But I was an hour early for the event because my walk was cut short.  I strolled with my broken umbrella up and down the streets near the Downtown 92th St. Y on Hudson St. Found cobblestone eye candy on Collier and Laight Sts.

Eric Vetter and company put on a great No Name & A Bag of Chips show.  The monsoon summer night turned out just right.


Next "City Stories: Stoops to Nuts" show is Tuesday, August 14th @ 6pm @ Cornelia Street Cafe.

Our guests are Robert Conroy, Claire Jeffreys, Garland Jeffreys and Savannah Jeffreys.

Admission is $8 and that includes a free drink.

It's a Family Affair of NYC storytellers and songsmiths.

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