Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fuel For the Soul

New York comes to my rescue every day.  I have a tendency to get sad without warning and my fail safe method of battling the blues is meandering New York City streets on my bicycle.  I find beauty everywhere I turn. My family took 2000 photos of the city going back to 1906 and I constantly revisit these places to remember and reinvent them. Many times discovering lost treasures or a lovely thing I never knew existed. What I see comforts my soul the same way a three pack of Yankee Doodles soothed my belly when I was a kid.

Last September, Kennedy Moore, founder of Ask A New Yorker, contacted me after reading this story blog. Kennedy invited me to write a weekly column for AANY ~ a remarkable site that brings all the pleasures of New York City together in one publication. I was honored and accepted his offer immediately. I wanted to be part of it. New York is a five senses explosion and Ask A New Yorker dives in with gusto.  As much as I’ve enjoyed writing for AANY these past ten months something was missing.

The nature of media is a lot of the time you don’t meet the people you work with.  You read their work, sometimes see their photos, but there is no face to face.  I miss that. I crave tactile. I love people’s expressions and hearing the voice to go with the words. This past Monday, Kennedy Moore and Emily Sproch, AANY’s Managing Editor, hosted a party for AANY’s staff writers. For the first time, I met Emily and several of the writers who share my love for the city.  We gathered at Toshi’s Living Room in the Flatiron Hotel at 9 West 26th Street. We spent a portion of our time on the penthouse deck staring jaw dropped at the Empire State Building.

My circle with AANY is complete. I’m indebted to Kennedy and Emily and all the other writers for their warm friendship and support. This morning my AANY coffee mug reminded me that I’m a lucky boy on a talented and dedicated team doing its best to bring the city to everyone.

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