Friday, June 1, 2012

Soaring Over Central Park

Yesterday, a hawk soared over Central Park’s Sailboat Lake for twenty minutes without a landing. “The Brits Came...” to the Mall to rock the Band Shell and celebrate the Olympics, Elizabeth's 60th year on the throne and rugby. They brought along a beautiful classic car just because. Near the statue of the Union soldier from the 69th Regiment a water fountain got all psychedelic on me. I spied 64 Crayola colors reflected in the rippling water.

I’m lucky to be in New York City, find quiet places to read and think and when the mood suits me move over and let an impulsive sensation explosion rock me. The city never bores me. I will testify with many photos over the next few weeks. Here are shots from yesterday and a public link to 70 photographs from my Central Park romp closing out the month of the May.

Billy Stewart says it best “Sitting in the Park.”

Coming up:

Monday, June 11th, I open up for Adam Wade at his monthly show in the Theatre under St. Mark's @ 94 St. Mark's Place.

Tuesday, June 12th is our next "City Stories: Stoops to Nuts," storytelling show at Cornelia Street Cafe with amazing near equinox talent: Barbara Aliprantis, Robin Bady, Leslie Goshko, Joy Kelly, Mike Fornatale and The Tall Pines.

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