Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photo Therapy Prior to Stoops to Nuts

The Scream, Lestat, Gumby, Mister Peanut and the French Cat in the Hat are ready for tonight's Stoops to Nuts show at Cornelia Street Cafe. They are excited and sitting on their hands as a precaution so they don't break anything in the China Shop. Photos calm them down. Here you go.

Tonight: Cornelia Street CafĂ© @Tuesday @ 6pm.

Our May artists are: Randee Mia BermanMeredith Meyer, Stephanie Parello, Thomas Pryor and Elizabeth Rowe.

Steve Northeast (our host and barkeep from Cornelia Street Cafe) has a terrific CD out called "Another Day." His song "You're the One" is Number #1 on Mainstream Top 30 Countdown on The Independent Music Network. The album is solid, give the song a listen and if you like it vote for it at Vote for Steve Northeast atwww.independentmusicnetwork.com in the mainstream charts.



Anonymous said...

Great set of photos!

Thomas Pryor said...

thank you, Patti.