Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Keeping the Customer Satisfied at Cornelia Street Cafe

Ward White, Joe McGinty & Claudia Chopek
Last night's City Stories: Stoops to Nuts show at Cornelia Street Cafe was a keeper.  Thank you, Claudia Chopek Joe McGinty,  John Newell,  Rick Patrick, Ward White & Rivka Widerman for a sturdy stroll along Avenue A and the entire Lower East Side going back more than than a century, while we sat entranced in a cellar cabaret in the West Village. There's the magic of merged storytelling and music. One of my favorite shows ever. Well done!

Thank you, Steve Northeast, Shannon and Annie for technical support and keeping the customer satisfied. Huge thank you to a fine audience that included new friends, and old friends from St. Stephen's grammar school, LaSalle Academy high school, New York City Housing Authority, my old home from Monday and Friday, friends from my childhood block, Woody, friends my old Yorkville crowd, Florence, and writers who kick-ass Maria Gorshin & Mat Zucker. And everybody else who came out to root us on. I had cuckoo crazy go nuts fun, and I never take it for granted that we make you smile.  Here are pictures from the show, afterwards and the neighborhood surrounding the Cafe.

Walking home over to the #6 train this John Mellencamp song played in my head.

"Can you sing? Can you dance? Can you hold me, baby, again tonight."

thank you everyone. hugs, Tommy

Ward White's hand & guitar, Joe McGinty & Claudia Chopek

Rivka Widerman

Ward White & Claudia Chopek

Singing Fool

Dermott Whalen & Jim Teaman

John Newell

Rick Patrick

Motion in Washington Sq Park

Cornelia St Cafe

Daisy, Lenore & Barry

Cornelia Street towards Bleecker.

Joe McGinty

Ward's Amplification Cube

Ward Joe Claudia

Cornelia Street 

Edmund, Dermott & Jim

Jefferson Market at dusk


Patti said...

One night . . . I am going to get down there! Glad you had such fun and the photos just say it all. Big thank you, in absentia!

Thomas Pryor said...

Thank you, Patti, you are always welcome.