Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Inside You Time Moves, But Ghosts Dont Fade On York Avenue

Robert Pryor 1582 York Ave @ 1948

Last night I had a delicious dinner in Mumtaz a new Indian restaurant at 1582 York Avenue. The restaurant is directly under the apartment where my father's mother lived from 1932 to 1988 with my Dad, uncle and grandfather. It was odd coming home with no one home, but I felt ghosts swooping around the space

It was my first time in the store in 35 years; I remember being there 52 years ago when I was 5 years old.

Shopping on York Avenue in 1959

On the ground floor of my grandmother’s building, 1582 York Avenue, were two storefronts. To the left was Parker's Grocery. 
Murray Parker @ 1966

Rory at Zoo 1961

Thomas E. Pryor Jr. 1945 @ 1582 York Ave 

Tom Xmas 1960 in front of 1582 York

Pop Rode & Tom 1958

Aunt Mary 1582 York @ 1969
Aunt Mary Ann Pryor 1582 @ 1945

Herman & John Rode 1909
Ann Pryor in front of 1582 York @ 1942

Billy Majorosey & Tom 1965

Thomas E. Pryor 1582 funeral bill

517 East 83rd Street

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