Monday, October 31, 2011

October Snow & The 59th Street Bridge

On this last day of the month, I thank everyone who has been reading my stuff and looking at my pictures for the past three years. I began my blog,“Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts,” in the Beach Haven Library on Long Beach Island in October 2008. The librarian kept kicking me off the computer every half hour, and I had to put my name on a list again to use the computer for another half hour even though there were three computers and no one but me was using any of them. I love librarians but not nearly as much as I love nuns.
To acknowledge the pleasure I get from writing about the city I love and in particular the Yorkville neighborhood, I’m putting October snow storm pix up along with pictures of my favorite bridge on earth, a hearty tea drinker, a Halloween shot and a shot of the Beach Haven Library to offset the wintry weather.

Thank you, for telling me you enjoy my work.  My job as a kid was to make my mother laugh.  She’s gone now, so all of you are my present targets.  It’s my job. I love it.


onemorefoldedsunset said...

I came to this blog long after you began, but love reading it. Thanks.

Thomas Pryor said...

thank you, One more folded sunset, your blog and photos are inspirational.