Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kodacrome Nightmare

"Last night, I dreamt I went to Manderley again…" Naaaah, that's Daphne Du Maurier ~ but I did watch Rebecca and snacked late on leftover cold noodles and sautĂ©ed string beans with hot oil. After the Hitchcock film I went to bed and had a strange dream.

I was in the land of my father's paintings and in front of a snowy moon lit scene stood an angel who looked like Elsa Lancaster in the Bride of Frankenstein. Her hands locked in prayer, pleading with Pee Wee Herman with Teridockle wrapped nervously around one of his legs. "Pee Wee fly away with me!" She implored.

He wasn't there, but I could hear Charles Laughton's booming voice barking from afar, "Where the hell's my wife!"

When I woke, it was easy to remember the dream's details, but impossible to get their meaning. Was Dad secretly into Pee Wee and never told me?

Has someone been stealing the heads off my daughter’s Barbie dolls and putting them on Christmas angels?

Should I stop eating hot oil after 11pm?

Food for thought, but right now I have to go back and finish a good cry, I'm watching Lassie Come Home.

"I'm putting a light in the window tonight. Per chance, she’s just gone for a long run."


Ancient Elf said...

Just watched 'Hobson's Choice'. Love Charles Laughton. Interesting blog.Arrived via Imby.
Regards from Oz

Thomas Pryor said...

Thank you, Ancient Elf, Laughton is wonderful, and early Elsa Lanchester is excellent, she was quirky and sexy kind of like an English Ruth Gordon.