Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Holy Ghost Visits Coney Island

Yesterday, I rode out to Coney Island just in case trouble started at 6pm. Well, the weather cleared up and The Rapture took a rain check.

Waiting on a sunny day paid off.

But to my surprise, the Holy Ghost appeared. I was thrilled because I hadn't seen my old friend since 8th grade at St. Stephen's in 1968. He was my liturgical partner on my Friday rounds selling religious articles door to door. Moving catechisms, rosaries and statues was a fine way to get out of class and earn money.

Traveling the school’s halls, I reminded everyone to save their pennies till Friday, when the Holy Cart rolled into town with gifts and notions for every occasion. I assured my fellow altar boys that the Holy Ghost loved making sales calls with me.

“Each Friday he leaves his perch on the side of the altar to fly alongside the Holy Cart on its rounds. We’re a liturgical team!”

My colleagues made circles around the sides of their heads while whistling.

Read more about hanging with the Holy Ghost in "The Holy Cart."

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