Sunday, March 13, 2011

Soup Meat ~ 12 Cents

"Soup Meat ~ 12 Cents," is one of many signs in the 1934 photo above facing north towards the northeast corner of 80th Street & 2nd Avenue.

Gene's Market is on the 80th Street corner (potatoes @ 5 cents @ lb.). One of five locations selling meat in this photo; right over Gene's on the second floor is Doctor Pleshette your dentist.

If you walk up to 81st Street, on the corner is the Vienna Conditorei offering fine bakery goods. If you spy the El's staircase the poster reminds you, "Iodent Toothpaste Cleans Teeth Safely." I wonder if a horse got to eat the wild grass growing on the sidewalk's corner. "Flat to Let. See Janitor, Third Floor."

I took the bottom picture yesterday morning of the same corner. Service stopped on The El in 1940.

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