Friday, February 25, 2011

Skateaway, That's All

Wednesday, I bundled up and biked through Central Park. Afterwards, I found a few pictures/prints that were in my memory of ice skaters from the 1800s' on the frozen Central Park Lake.

The four photo/print/paintings below, that are not my photos, are in order: skaters in front of the Dakota, which you can purchase from The New York Times Store, a small group in front of the Dakota with a guy in a bowler smoking on the right (no attribution), a Currier and Ives print from the 1860s, and last, Moonlight Skating, an 1878 painting by John O"Brian Inman with Bethesda Fountain in the background.

Every time, I go through the park old scenes pop up, then I see the same place now, and it's equally pretty and I see something new I missed before. The park still shines 150 years later.

Listened to Skateaway while I rode. Making Movies, Dire Straits, a perfect album.