Friday, February 4, 2011

A Quarterback on a Roll Trumps Your Good Luck Charms

It has come to my attention, that gathering your good luck charms together cannot ensure your team's victory when the other team has a dead solid perfect quarterback.

In January 2008, putting Mom's Teddy Bear into a headlock was sufficient voodoo to knock off Brett Favre who was dying to play catch with Corey Webster even though Corey wore blue and Brett had that pea soupy colored jersey on the Packers wear.

Two months ago, before the New York Giants played Green Bay the day after Christmas, I gathered my lucky charms and placed them strategically on the couch to watch the game with me. My # 16 blue jersey from 1969 ~ I was a lineman in the 145 lb tackle league with Our Lady of Good Counsel's Rams; my Rose Bowl seat cushion from January 25, 1987 ~ the New York Giants first Super Bowl victory; Hector the Duck, my daughter Alison's favorite pal~ zee, wal~zee; Tweety Bird; & my blue New York Giant mittens knitted by my grandmother twice as big as my hands. She told me, "You'll grow into them!"

Despite all the prime voodoo, Aaron Rodgers, GB QB, went all Drew Brees on the Giants and kicked our butt. The only thing that made me feel better, was watching Aaron roll on taking no prisoners.

I have four friends who are big GB fans and I'm wishing them luck, not sure they need any with Aaron running the table: John O., Jane R., Michael G., & Murph the Surf.

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