Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yorkville in 1921

Here are two sections of the 1921 Atlas of Manhattan.

Top map covers 86th Street from 2nd Avenue to Lexington Avenue. Bottom map is 85th to 91st Street between east side of York Avenue and the river. See 86th Street trolley tracks down to a quay at the water. Passengers could hop a ferry to Astoria. On the map, 86th Street had old names in script, Hellgate Road & Ferry Road.

You should be able to click on each and increase size of the map significantly so you can read and identify every building. Some shops and theatres are named and will bring back memories for many. Old buildings long gone have size (number of stories) and their address where they sat before demolition.

Earlier today, I spent some time in the New York City Library at 31 Chambers Street, near City Hall.

I'll put up some pictures later of that gorgeous building also known as the Surrogate Courthouse.

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