Tuesday, January 4, 2011

They're Dancing on the Ceiling, They're Dancing on The Floor

To celebrate the last "Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts radio show," we danced till the cows came home.

The dancing will continue tonight at Giovanna's @ 9pm to midnight @ 1567 Lexington Avenue between 100th and 101st Street.

Come down, have a drink, make noise! I showed up 26 straight weeks. This ties a personal record for starting and finishing a project.

My guest, John Lewis, and I are talking about the birth of radio and one of its richest pioneers, Ted Husing. He was The Radio Master. Listen here:

Our second hour will be anarchy, three free mikes are open for business. (Matt & Mary needed to cancel for personal reasons. I send them my best wishes).

If you get down to Giovanna's and have something to say... well, come say it!

See you later at the restaurant, be well, Tommy

I'm going back to school, received my Hunter College Alumni card today. Looking forward to using the college library for my work.

My first day at Hunter, September 1972, I'm on crutches. The previous week, during a Bronx Warriors football practice, my own teammate jumped on a pile I was under with the football after a tackle and the jerk landed full weight on my lower left leg breaking my fibula earning me a cast and crutches.

It was hot in Hunter, I was struggling in the halls to get between the 8th & 9th floors. I used the staircase to go up by hopping on one leg and holding the crutches. When I got to the floor landing, I made eye contact with a smiling Chinese kid. Thanking him with a nod, I put both crutches under my arms and started walking towards the giant open door with my head down.

As I felt the wind of the giant door coming towards my head, I figured out the Chinese kid wasn't smiling at me. The metal door he released smacked me in the noggin. I hopped backwards as carefully as one can to avoid going down a flight of marble stairs. I hit the wall several feet away and fell to the floor. Students rushed around me, late for class.

It was good to be back at Hunter today. I forget my work bag in the Alumni office when Laura sent me to the ID office in another building. I only noticed the bag was missing when I needed something in it 10 minutes later. John runs a pleasant ID office, he took my picture, I went back to Laura, who was expecting to see me, and went back to John to get the ID. It was ready when I arrived. Today, I have no cast and no crutches. I am off to an improved start at Hunter College.

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