Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello Goodbye

Thank you, my friends, for making my last radio show at Giovanna's terrific. Three cheers for: Bill, Otto, Gordon, Merrill, Stef, Andy, Marie, Tommy Mac, Jon, Danny G, Eric, & Joe V.

Listen to the show at this link:

My guest, John Lewis, was amazing, we had a thoroughly enjoyable conversation about his well reviewed book "Radio Master The Life and Times of Sports Broadcasting Great: Ted Husing." Available wherever books are sold.

I could talk radio with John all night. He is an old soul.

Unfortunately, Matt Knapp & Mary Crowley couldn't join us. They are wonderful musicians. You will know and enjoy their music in the near future.

My deep appreciation to Johnny Anello & Mark Shoemaker, Centanni Broadcasting Network's owners for inviting me to do the show; Betty Eng for engineering, triage, and technical support; Val Pepe for asking me to guest on her show last May triggering my radio adventure.

Divino, Jean & Giovanna, thank you for making your restaurant, my second home. Alexandra & Will thank you for your kind attentive service and charm.

I will return to Giovanna's often.


Daisy needs a home.

Her owner died recently and my friend is babysitting but unable to keep her.

Daisy is friendly, docile and good with children. She is a 10 year old , Huskie/Lab mix.

If you know someone that could give Daisy a home and make her a companion, please call Ethel at 917-842-1833.

Thank you, Tommy

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