Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Nantucket Sleighride

"Dad, when you were on the Midori how did the cook make dinner for 1200 sailors?" I asked my father a hundred years ago.

He put his sketch pen down and said, "On an aircraft carrier, cooks either carefully watch a good cook work, wing it, or use the fall back: serve sh*t on a shingle."

I'm not an organized person and have difficulty preparing a radio show with one guest. Last night I had three guests. I say with no hesitation, despite my best effort to burn the house down with me in it, it turned out pretty good.

Listen to the show at the Centanni link below:

Edward Rogers, Don Piper & Joe Hurley were terrific guests. The show was a two hour Nantucket Sleighride, the guys pulled me up and down through our tumbling nuthouse but we all hung on.
Ed, Don & Joe, please come back to the show anytime you like.

Don Piper & Edward Rogers are playing next Wednesday @ December 8th At Bowery Electric.

Joe Hurley is playing with the Gents next Tuesday @ December 7th @ Joes' Pub.

Here's some Slade to take you through the holidays. I forgot Goodbye To Jane was in heavy rotation up Ekis's house on Friday nights.

On the bottom of this page you see the item that made my belly hurt very bad on Sunday night. I ran out of food but found this unopened Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus in the back of the bottom of my fridge. My weapon of choice was my left index finger. It took ten minutes. This must stop.

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