Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lexington Avenue ~ My Little Town

As a boy I was pushed along, then pulled along all of Manhattan's avenues with no exceptions.

We had no car, like Barney Rubble we visited our neighbors using our feet.
My earliest memory of Lexington Avenue was going to the Lenox Hill Clinic on 76th Street to get a vaccination. I remember being impressed with the buildings on both sides of the street. Burnished dirty stone right on top of me. Lexington is the most narrow avenue in Manhattan. This means a lot when you are small and want to relate to objects, and the closer they are to you, the easier it is to decide whether they are good or bad.

When we strolled along Lexington, I began to think about girls, and thinking about walking along Lexington with a girl, holding her hand, feeling the buildings on both sides of the street watching us and giving us passage, and thinking about how Lexington made me feel like I was in my little town.


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