Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Hundred and Ten Years Later ~ It's Still There

Here are pictures of East End Avenue and Henderson Place from 1900 (courtesy of the NY Digital Library) and 2010. There is also a picture of a good karma couple sitting on their East 70s' stoop Sunday waiting for trick & treaters.

New York's favorite son, Garland Jeffreys, sings about the city he loves.

Garland Jeffreys paying tribute, so well, to Junior Walker & the All Stars.

Picture and description below from:


Henderson Place is a tiny architectural gem tucked amidst the burgeoning city. Of the 32 houses originally built in 1881-82 by developer John C. Henderson for "persons of moderate means," 24 survive. The houses were all designed by the architectural firm of Lamb & Rich, who were talented interpreters of the Queen Anne style. The district was designated in 1969.

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