Monday, November 8, 2010

History of the Village of Yorkville ~ Anthony Lofaso

My family’s history in Yorkville goes back to 1896 when my great-grandfather, Antonino Cuccia, came from Italy directly to York Avenue. Anthony Lofaso, my radio guest this Tuesday night has deeper Yorkville roots than I. Anthony’s family settled in Yorkville in 1900 and he’s written a terrific book, “Origins and History of the Village of Yorkville in the City of New York,” that takes you back to the area during the American Revolution, brings you forward to 1826 when the area was first officially referred to as Yorkville, and takes you through the rest of the century when the hamlet becomes a bustling urban center.

Before it was a thriving Manhattan neighborhood, Yorkville was a small village cut off from the downtown city, linked only by the Eastern Post Road (part of this road’s route was the future Third Avenue). Anthony’s book carefully tracks the growth of Yorkville from its modest village beginning through its explosive expansion in the last quarter of the 1800s.

Anthony and I will discuss Yorkville, the 19th Century village, its’ growth, and ultimately, how transportation whipped it into the 20th century.

Fun stuff, too. We both grew up in Yorkville and have lots to say about its characters, its places, and the many things left behind by Yorkville’s rich past that you only need to stop and notice. We’ll give you the clues and then we’ll point them out. Please listen @ Nov 9th @ Tuesday night @ 9pm @ Centanni Broadcasting Network link below.

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