Friday, November 26, 2010

83rd Street Chocolate Milk Tasting Contest

The day after Thanksgiving 1961, Mom picked Rory & me up at my grandparents (we had stayed over) and took us shopping at Sloan's Supermarket on York & 86th Street, looking for sales on leftovers from the holiday.  Inside the store, Rory and I began torture.   I loved Cocoa Marsh. Rory loved Bosco.  We fought in the aisle over which chocolate syrup to throw in the cart to take home.  Mom said, "Throw them both in, or you die now."  Then, Mom grabbed one of her comfort foods, Hersey's Chocolate Syrup.
That afternoon, we egged Mom into a chocolate milk tasting contest adding Hershey as the third choice despite its weak appearance in a tin can rather than the other two brands’ fancy glass containers. Cocoa Marsh had a lion on top of its push squirt spout. Bosco had a clown. I was scared of clowns. Even little ones on top of food products. I think a Twilight Zone episode spooked me.
The three of us took turns wearing blindfolds and made three glasses of chocolate milk using the three types of syrup. Rory cheated and peeked. He loved Bosco. I cheated. I loved Cocoa Marsh. Mom didn't cheat. She loved chocolate milk. Mom drained her three glasses in three gulps leaving nothing but her smile and a chocolate mustache.

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