Saturday, October 2, 2010

Witchita Lineman on 83rd Street

Starting to feel like Autumn. Mom cheered when it cooled outside. She hated the heat it aggravated her psoriasis, a lousy skin condition that tortured her. Mom craved low humidity weather ~ her clothes dried quicker on the line outside our 83rd Street backyard window.

Dad climbed the pole once to repair the line after it became detached. Mom & I died watching Dad climb up fifty feet and nearly fall twice. She made him swear to never do it again. She paid a free-lance lineman five bucks out of her house money to do it the next time.

Here's a terrific cover of Wichita Lineman by McGinty & White. See Joe & Ward play live, their original songs are superb. Their 2009 album was voted one of the year's five best by New York Press.

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