Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two Years Old ~ Still Learning to Walk

This week is "Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts," second anniversary. I started the blog ~ October 2008. This is my 420th post. There are 2,000 photos up. I have a thousand more I need to scan, and a story behind each picture.

My intention is to continue to bring to life a working class neighborhood, it's places and people that evoke a lost era. A translation of the movie in my head of growing up in the 1950s & 1960s' and how interesting parts of that world are still here if you take the time to stop and locate them.

I hope to keep this blog alive until I kick the bucket. Thank you, for reading my stuff.

be well, Tommy


Thank you, Jeanne Stahlman, for being a wonderful guest this past Tuesday night on the radio show. Your stories and rich memories of New York City & Boston knock me out. We played many songs, all of them keepers.

If you would like to listen to the show, here is the link to my archive page at the Centanni Broadcasting Network. Just click on the 10.5.10 show with Jeanne.

Reminder: the "Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts" radio show has been expanded to two hours! Tune in live on Tuesday @ 9pm to 11pm. Thank you, Betty, Divino & Johnny.

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