Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tonight on Yorkville Radio ~ Partnering with John Harvey

Tonight on Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts radio, my guest, John Harvey, an author, coach, & city boy, & I will explore old postcards and old Brooklyn.

John's grandfather was a prolific writer and kept many of his letters that appeared in the New York Daily News. He reminisced in rich detail about turn of the century life in "The City of Churches," The same Brooklyn Betty Smith wrote of in "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." Did you know the Brooklyn National League team played in a ballpark on the corner of Fourth Avenue & 3rd Street? They weren't the Dodgers yet.

We'll also talk about the power of collaboration, loyalty and teamwork, as evidenced by the countless life long friendships we've developed together through our association with St. John's Rugby team going back to the early 1970s.

John's work involves career transition, finding a passion, exploring it, developing it. He and I will talk about ways to do that as you figure out what's your path.

John has deep roots in Queens where he grew up, in Brooklyn where his family is from. We're going to tie them together with my Manhattan roots. And of course we'll play great music.

I love Syd Straw. "For Shame of Doing Wrong" with Evan Dando, from "Beat the Retreat"

Listen in, tonight @ 9pm @ Centanni Broadcasting Network link below

Or listen to the show at the Yorkville archive link tomorrow:

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