Sunday, October 31, 2010

Procession of Ghouls ~ St. John the Divine

Friday night, the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine celebrated their annual Halloween Extravaganza. First, we watched a silent screening of The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari with deep spooky organ music playing all the way through.

After the film, the Procession of Ghouls down the main aisle. This flipped me out, demonic images in a church, Satyrs dancing seductively, swaying the audience like Edward G. Robinson as Dathan swayed the Ten Commandants crowd into worshiping false idols while Charlton Heston as Moses tried to work out a deal with a burning bush.

The costumes are brilliant and remind me of Julie Taymor's amazing work in The Lion King and her artistic puppetry in Epcot at Disney World

If I was 10 years old witnessing the Procession of Ghouls, my Saint Stephen's altar boy brain would have had a conniption. I loved it, I'm going back next year.

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