Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Playing Catch

Adam Wade, thank you for a terrific hour of conversation about our love for sports and J Geils.

Most of all, thank you for reminding me that in our lives the best moments, our greatest memories, have nothing to do with stadiums, ballparks, uniforms, organized leagues. All those things are meaningful in their own way, but as you pointed out, what matches your Dad buying you the Pete Rose book on hitting at Caldor's? Or you playing ball with an aluminum bat with the older guys, day in, day out, them letting you younger guys play for years, what tops that? Playing catch with your Dad or your brother, Matt?

My strongest sports memory today: my sandlot 83rd Street team winning the rag tag whiffle championship in 1973 at Rhinelander's Settlement House on 88th St, and having Whiffle Ball Commissioner, John Stanton, with his biblical beard present us with the Whiffle Ball Championship trophies on the ball field facing Nagel Funeral Home on 87th Street in front of half the neighborhood's kids, including a bunch of girls I'd love to date? We had ten starters, not nine, because a guy had to play the roof of the two story building in dead center, the roof was in play.

After we won the whiffle ball championship game we marched down to Carl Schurz Park on the East River with a shopping cart full of records and Eddie Ekis's stereo. We plugged the stereo into an electrical outlet at the base of a light pole near the Hockey Field and rocked out with The J Geils Band until the cops chased us out of the park around midnight.


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You can see Adam perform next Monday night:

Mon Sept 13th 2010 ~ 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Horse Trade Presents
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Special Guest: Peter Aguero
Theater Under St. Marks
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I'm reading for We Three Productions @ Bar 82 @ 136 Second Avenue @ 8pm on Sept 13th (same night, stinky). We Three reading series was formerly at the late great Telephone Bar, R.I.P. Next week, my radio guest is a wonderful writer, Coree Spencer. Sit on a stoop and please listen in.

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