Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Abbi Visits the Stoop Tonight @ 9pm @ Centanni!

Tonight on Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts radio, my special guest is Abbi Crutchfield. Abbi performs stand-up and sketch comedy all over New York City and is a staple of the underground scene. She produces The Living Room Show at Postmark Cafe in Brooklyn, Positively Awesome at Cellar 58 in the Lower East Side and Ladybits, a new all-female comedy show at Cornelia St Cafe in the Village. She has been featured on VH1 and MTV as well as several national commercials.
You can catch her many parodies on
Youtube.com/curlycomedy and her hilarious one liners daily on Twitter.com/curlycomedy
This will be a silly show, we're playing four heavy jukebox selections from the 1950s'. Songs that stood tall and stayed in the tavern's rotation right through the sixties. Songs that ate many of my dimes.

I feel like an Isley tune



Thinking of my friends today. The picture on the left was taken on July 4, 1978 in upstate New York. It was a Yorkville Road Trip, one of the best ever. We played whiffle ball on the farm's front lawn where there was a huge salt lick for the deer that we used for a foul pole. We played full contact soccer until we bled. John Cupo starred as Giorgio Chinagila throwing his body around like he was a stage dummy, John approached street tackle on the York Avenue with the same reckless insanity. Genesee Cream flowed free. In the picture from left to right, John Cupo, Yvette Baez, Denny McMahon across three laps, Joe Menesick, Buddy McMahon & me on the floor. Picture below, Buddy & me, two weeks ago. Visited my parents and brother, Rory's grave at Calverton then spent a very nice time with the McMahons.

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