Monday, August 23, 2010

The Elements of Story ~ Prexy's vs Shake Shack

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Prexy's "The Hamburger with a College Education," versus Shake Shack's burger.

When you are self-employed you can go places normally crowded and enjoy what others wait on long lines for at night and on the weekend. This morning, I went to Gringotts, near Brooklyn's Boro Hall, to check my treasure vault (a.k.a. the NYC pension office).

Mid afternoon, I ate my first Shake Shack burger. Don't know what was on it, but is was very good. So good, it reminded me of Prexy's, "The hamburger with a college education," (Prexy's slogan). It was right up the street on the same side of 86th Street near Lexington Avenue. They had a hamburger on their sign with glasses on and a graduation cap with tassel.

I dreamt of Prexy's more than sports and girls. I wanted a Prexy's hamburger every day when I was young. Once in a blue moon, my parents took Rory and me there, and I wanted to kill Dad when he ordered a second hamburger for himself, and wouldn't get me a second one. He wasn't cheap, he didn't like me chubby, either did I, but that's besides the point, I wanted the burger and let him know it by giving him the silent treatment.

So what burger do I think is better? I'm going to go with Prexy's and here is why: I bought digital music this week online, it gave me pleasure to get some new old music: Classics IV, Bill Withers, Mike Nichols & Elaine May comedy routines, etc. But I did it so easy, too easy. When I was 8 years old, I never had enough money to buy two or more 45s. That decision, to buy what record versus what other records was painstaking. It could take me an hour, it could get me thrown out of the store, and did.

Well, getting a Prexy's hamburger was like buying a 45 single in 1962, and Shake Shack is a delicious treat that doesn't take much effort, like buying digital music with loose coin in your pocket.

Here's to the Hamburger with a College Education!

p.s. that doesn't mean I'm not going back to Shake Shack.

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