Saturday, August 7, 2010

Alison and Tommy Love Beaching It

Walking down Second Avenue yesterday, I needed a soda after the gym. I took a dollar out before I went into the first store, and thankfully found an ice cold Diet Doctor Pepper can in the fridge. I gave the guy the bill, he said, "$1.15." I put the soda back and took my buck. A block later same scene, that guy said, "$1.25." I took my dollar and left the soda on the counter wondering what the guy charged for vig when you hit him up for a friendly loan. I smiled on the way out when he sarcastically yelled, "You could put it back!"

I've officially turned into my father. I no longer accept the gall of people charging what they do for so little: "No bang for the buck." I will never pay more than one dollar for a can of soda for the rest of my life. I swear on my record albums.

This incident caused a flashback to Yorkville in 1962. Soda selection was important business, read the story at the link below:

Two of my favorite songs that remind me of being at the water.
Freda Payne's, "Band of Gold," brings back Davies Lake in 1970 and cold chocolate milk out of a cooler.

The Buckinghams, "Susan," reminds me of long walks on the Rockaway Boardwalk in 1969 from Beach 43rd Street to 116th Street with a Julia Richmond redhead named Susan.

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