Friday, July 30, 2010

Old Yorkville, One Story At a Time

Last week, Dan Rivoli, lead reporter for Our Town newspaper and I walked and talked the Yorkville neighborhood. We were joined by Our Town's photo editor, Andrew Schwartz. The conversation developed into "A Look at Old Yorkville, One Story At a Time."

Thank you, Dan, for turning my blabbing about my family's neighborhood history into a clear and well written account of my feelings. Thank you, Andrew, for dealing with the rain and taking fine shots. Thank you, Allen Houston, Our Town's Executive Editor, for running the article. I love sharing my pictures and stories. You gave me a wonderful opportunity to do so.

The specific history of the pictures on this page: On August 30, 1942, various Yorkville organizations & block leaders dedicated a huge service flag across 84th Street near the York Avenue corner. The flag says, "Our Boys, God Speed Them Home." It hung, three stories high, from one side of buildings to the other. There was a parade in the streets, up to Second Avenue, then down and up, 82nd, 83rd, 84th & 85th Street all the way to East End Avenue before finishing the parade on 84th Street where a crowd gathered in front of 511 East 84th Street for speeches by various local leaders including my grandmother, Ann Pryor Rode. My grandfather, father and uncle show up in a few of these photos. These pictures are treasured gifts my family gave me, and I plan to leave them for my daughter, and hopefully on and on. Rich reminders of things past.

Artie Shaw was all over the radio in August 1942, there is no better clarinet on earth.


red alert said...

Tom, this is awesome! I can't wait to read YOUR book! And where can I hear your radio show? -- MicheleC aka FISH OUT OF AGUA

Thomas Pryor said...

You Go "Fish Out Of Agua,"

You're a terrifically funny and moving writer, Michele Carlo,

listen to my radio show here.

Best of luck with the book, I have no doubt, you're going fly, pal,

hugs, Tommy

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful picts!! These are the streets I've spent most of my life in so its amazing to see what it was like. As a matter of fact I'm going down the block right now to get a beef patty from the 7-11 @84th&York located in a building ya can see in onea them pictures.

Thomas Pryor said...

Thanks, I enjoy sharing all of it, otherwise, what's the point?