Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mitch Miller Has No Pants On ~ But He's Still Listening to Yorkville On The Radio Tomorrow Night @ 9pm

I lost my family swiftly, Mom, Rory, my brother; Dad, and my grandmother in four years.
As the Pryor survivor, I ended up with stuff. Fun stuff, memorable stuff and crap stuff. As you dig through the artifacts, gifts and mysteries emerge. Dad & Mom left me their love letters from when Dad courted Mom while he was in the Navy, Rory left me every funny post card I ever sent him when he lived in California for 25 years, my grandmother left me a photograph of Mitch Miller with no pants on.
How did my grandmother, Ann Pryor Rode, get a photograph of Mitch Miller with his pants down?
If the photo was Lawrence Welk, I could understand it. She loved the "and a one-ah, and a two-ah and a three-ah" dreamboat and watched his weekly show more than I watched Barbara Eden's belly button on the first season of "I Dream of Jeannie." Nan blew bubbles with a bubble pipe during Welk's commercial breaks to keep us in the mood, but Mitch? I never saw it coming. When I found the photo lying aimlessly between two family photos from the 1920s' I thought, she wasn't even hiding this, it was there for anyone who wanted to find it. You think you know someone, then...

On tonight's show, we'll visit John McNulty's Manhattan taverns in the 1940s, The WPA Guide to New York City's vivid description of 1939 Yorkville, we'll play singles on the 83rd Street sidewalk in 1968, and my guest, Mickey Fiorillo & I will explore the golden age of neighborhood bar softball leagues and the core years when Duke, the Say Hey Kid, and The Mick ruled three centerfields in New York City: Ebbets Field, Polo Grounds and Old Yankee Stadium.

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