Saturday, July 17, 2010

All Mobbed Up On The Coney Island Boardwalk

Last night, I rode the N train out to the Poor Man's Rivera. Dying of thirst, I went directly from the Stillwell Avenue station to Abb Ganny Deli on Mermaid and grabbed a 20oz Doctor Pepper. Waiting to pay, I heard this exchange between a customer holding a dollar and the clerk behind the counter.

"Give me two."
"That's $1.50."
"Give me one. "

The clerk gave the guy a quarter back and one cigarette. A lucy costs 75 cents in Coney Island.

Coming out the Deli's door I intercepted a pass between two young brothers playing catch with a football while running up the street. I put the soda in my knapsack and tagged along with them for two blocks. Nice, kids still let you break into a throw. And I could tell they liked each other. Made me think of Rory. I never played catch with my brother, but we played stick with an ice cream stick and a Spauldeen, you know, stand apart, throw the ball towards the ground, hit the stick get a point.

It was deep twilight, I walked over to the Parachute Jump then started walking east. The show was about to begin.

"It's Now or Never," "Summerwind", "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida," "Sunshine of Your Love." How's that for song progression? Well, if you were at Cha-Cha's last night on the Coney Island Boardwalk that's what you heard. Every Friday night for the rest of the summer, All Mobbed Up is playing terrific music, what style of music defies description, all I promise is you will enjoy yourself. The band, the audience, the boardwalk crowd all look like they stepped out of a group photo taken, than drawn, by Robert Crumb. My friends, Barry and Brian Stabile are in the band, and Baby Doll dances fast on stage throughout the show. Doesn't matter what song, what speed, Baby Doll dances fast. I smiled all the way home.

For a good time: All Mobbed Up @ Cha-Cha's @ Stillwell & the Coney Island Boardwalk @ every Friday through Labor Day @ 930pm

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