Sunday, June 6, 2010

Paris at Night ~ Tom Landry in the Louvre

Took pictures of Paris after dark outside Elodie & Thetje's window. At last light, caught their neighbor, Shep, across the courtyard. Viewed the Eiffel Tower straight up through the tangle of steel.

On the Oise River strolled a medieval fair where Alison conjured up a memory of slaying dragons.

Then a most disturbing thing. Found evidence of the Anti-Christ in France. In a painting at the Louvre there was the familiar fedora and profile of Tom Landry prowling the Cowboys sideline. Next day at Versailles the Texas Lone Star peppered a rug's pattern. This could not be a coincidence. I hung onto the fact the Giants defeated Dallas twice last year and I prayed to Allie Sherman.

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