Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yorkville on the Radio

The urinals in the bathroom of the 86th Street RKO were so big, we hid inside them when we played hide & seek after we watched the film too many times. On a regular basis, I went to the Loew's or RKO in Yorkville for the first show around 11 am and didn't come out of the theatre until it was dark.

In the RKO, Steve Murphy and I made a human ball wrapping ourselves around each other, and threw ourselves down the three-story high horseshoe staircase, we rolled like a barrel. The carpet on the stairs was so thick it hardly hurt. No evidence, till the next day when black and blues sprung up all over our bodies. This was not a big hit with RKO personnel.

Last night, I was Valerie Pepe's guest on her terrific radio show on the Centanni Broadcasting Network. Thank you, Valerie, Betty & Johnny Anello. We told Yorkville & Staten Island neighborhood stories, you can listen by going to the link below ~ go the "The Valerie & Betty Show 5/19/10" ~ click and the show should open in your media player. After you listen, take your kid to a movie and leave them there for the day.

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