Friday, May 14, 2010

Boys Will be Boys

Yorkville lost one its all-time great Moms this week. Denise Menesick from York Avenue and 84th Street passed away peacefully in Florida. Denise grew up in Yorkville, loved its parks, married Joe Sr., and had three boys: Joseph, Dennis and John, and she loved them fiercely.
We played rough. Denise was always there with a comforting smile when we beat the crap out of each other. Tolerant Mrs. Menesick was the only shred of civilization in the middle of our unusual way of expressing affection for each other that included bruises, cuts, breaks and/or stitches. One of Denise's favorite sayings was "Boys will be boys." She was our Florence Nightingale, a sturdy supplier of ace bandages, Mercurochrome, liniment and band aids. Mrs. Menesick was a sweet, charming lady, always polite, never judging, always glad to see you. Denise will be remembered and missed.

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