Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Polo Grounds Memory

Mr. Beller's Neighborhood Story of the Week is my memory of the Polo Grounds. Dad took me there for the first time in 1961. There is a great picture of a 1912 relic left behind to remind us there was a ballpark there.


Few signs of the Polo Grounds remain, but there is one significant artifact. The John T. Blush Staircase built down Coogan's Bluff ~ given by the New York Giants to the City of New York.
The link below takes you a New York Times story on the staircase. The two pictures above are from that article.


The Giants Won the Pennant! The Giants Won the Pennant! The Giants Won the Pennant!


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Rob said...

It's finally open! They opened the stairwell last week after having it fenced off for some time ... Very lucky for us as we were visiting from California and stopped by days after it had opened... Good stuff.